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Big Mos Machinery Teams with Smart
Will Offer Extensive Line of Pallet Machinery

By Staff
Date Posted: 7/29/2002

Big Mos Machinery Sales has teamed with Smart Products Inc. to offer one of the most extensive lines of equipment available for the pallet industry.

Smart Products is well known for its popular line of quality band saw dismantlers and trim saws.

Big Mos Machinery Sales offers turn-key pallet sorting and repair systems as well as pallet stack tippers, pallet dispensers, lead board removers, rotary disc dismantlers, repair tables, conveyor systems, and other equipment.

Big Mos Machinery Sales has a team of experts that will work closely with pallet suppliers to design, manufacture and install pallet sorting and repair systems that will reduce labor costs and increase productivity and profits.

For more information, contact Wayne Carrigan at Big Mos Machinery Sales at (800) 420-2518.

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