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Board Remover from Heartland Does Double Duty
Machine Removes Single Board, Disassembles Entire Pallet

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/1/2002

Heartland Fabrication & Machine has developed a new board remover that doubles as a pallet dismantler. The company also introduced a new incline scrap conveyor.

The Heartland B54BC Board Remover is a bandsaw machine designed primarily for one man to remove lead boards or any other boards from the pallet.

The machine features a tilting front table and a fixed rear table. The front table supports the weight of the whole pallet. It may be tilted down via foot pedal to enable any single board or multiple boards to be removed.

If the operator wants to disassemble the entire pallet, a control valve adjusts the tilting table so that both tables are the same height. Pallets may be passed through by two-man operation, or the pallet turning shelf may be removed for one-man operation.

The Heartland B54BC has a 54-inch capacity. It is constructed of heavy structural steel tube and features large, 31-inch band wheels and an air tensioning system. It is powered by a 10 hp motor (15 hp optional) and runs a 24-foot blade at 4,000 feet per minute. Board conveyor is optional.

For more information about the B54BC or the new incline scrap conveyor, contact Heartland at (800) 422-2215 or visit the Web site at

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