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New On the Market - May 2003
New products and machinery from Innovative Data Systems, Totochopper, Brewer Golden Eagle, Bandit, Cherry Industrial, and PrimeSource.

By PE Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2003

New Clock System Halts ‘Time Theft’

Innovative Data Systems has introduced a new time clock system for tracking hours worked by employees.

The Pallet Track® Hand Punch Clock System uses an employee’s actual handprint. Since only the employee can clock in and out, it eliminates the opportunity for a worker to punch in someone else’s time card.

Combined with powerful software, the Pallet Track® Hand Punch Clock System saves time and money by eliminating cheating by employees. The system also eliminates the need to calculate employee hours from punch cards.

The Pallet Track® Hand Punch Clock System allows setting specific schedules for each employee. Punch times may be rounded back or forward by any amount set by the employer.

The software allows employers to identify workers who did not clock in, arrived late, took extended lunch times, and more in reports that are easy to read. Employers can select exceptions so they do not have to review records of all employees.

The software is easy to use and can be run on any personal computer within a network, so the system can be managed from anywhere in a facility.

For more information, contact Innovative Data Systems at (631) 244-0069, e-mail info@pallettrack.com, or visit the Web site at www.pallettrack.com.

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Brewer-Golden Eagle Offers New Grade Mill

Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle has introduced the new Golden Eagle Grade Lumber Mill. It is designed and built for maximum production, improved yield, and more profitable recovery from every log.

The Golden Eagle Grade Lumber Mill features a three headblock tilt carriage with a 36-inch opening, dogs, turners, setworks and dial gauge. A three-strand deck with stop and loader is powered by an all-hydraulic system.

It offers two three-strand take-away decks to the double bandsaw, which has 40-inch wheels, 50 hp motors, and runs 1 ½-inch wide, 0.042-inch kerf blades. A track with Hex lead rail hydraulic feedworks is also standard.

The design engineer of the new Golden Eagle Grade Lumber Mill is David Piper.

For more information, contact Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle at (800) 345-6516 or visit the Web site at www.brewerinc.com.

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Rotochopper Adds Go-Bagger Jr.

Rotochopper has introduced a smaller, more affordable version of its mobile machine for bagging mulch. The Go-Bagger Jr. is a smaller, more compact system but has many of the same features and advantages of the regular Go-Bagger.

The Rotochopper Go-Bagger Jr. is available in stationary and mobile models. It is equipped with an on-board generator that supplies power to the infeed conveyor and hot element impulse sealer. A simple foot pedal controls the bagging jaws and impulse sealer.

The Rotochopper Go-Bagger Jr. is easy to transport and ready to run in less than 5 minutes. It measures 15 feet long by 84 inches wide and weighs about 2,600 pounds.

The Rotochopper Go-Bagger Jr. may also be used for bagging other materials in addition to mulch, such as compost, dried manure, grain, and other commodities.

For more information, contact Rotochopper at (608) 452-3651 or visit the Web site at www.rotochopper.com.

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PrimeSource Supplies Bulk, Coil Pallet Nails


PrimeSource, which is getting more active in the pallet nail market, supplies bulk and coil pallet nails under the Grip-Rite brand. They are machine-quality nails and are priced competitively.

PrimeSource Grip-Rite Fas’ners is the largest selection of hand-drive nails and screws under one brand. They are available nationwide.

A color-coded packaging system helps users select the best fastener for each application. There are four categories of Grip-Rite nails and screws: general construction, outdoor construction, roofing and siding, and drywall-specialty products.

PrimeSource Building Products Inc. is a national supplier and manufacturer of professional-grade building products.

For more information, contact PrimeSource at (800) 285-9382 or visit the Web site at www.primesourcebp.com.

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Bandit Chipper Knives

Offer Longer Life


Bandit Industries has introduced a new line of chipper knives that can double the useful life of knives. The new EverKnife, developed in conjunction with a supplier, has extended knife life for some customers up to five times, according to Bandit.

The EverKnife is made of wear-resistant, high alloy steel. It is specially heat treated to produce optimum tight grain structure. The combination produces a knife that holds its edge longer and resists chipping. Companies will be able to change knifes less often and reduce time spent re-sharpening.

In addition, chippers equipped with EverKnives run smoother, consume less fuel and produce higher quality chips, Bandit reported.

For more information, contact a local Bandit dealer or contact Bandit Industries at (800) 952-0178, e-mail brushbandit@eclipsetel.com, or visit the Web site at www.banditchippers.com.

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Cherry Introduces Dispenser-Stacker

Cherry Industrial Equipment has developed a pallet dispenser-stacker that dispenses a pallet automatically, placing it at floor level for easy removal by a hand pallet truck.

When stacking, the pallet is placed in the open area below the other stacked pallets, and the dispenser will stack it automatically.

The dispenser-stacker uses pneumatic slide pins to grab the pallet and lift it. The machine is made of heavy-duty steel plate with membrane supports capable of withstanding harsh environments. It is controlled by an Allen Bradley Micrologic 1000.

The dispenser-stacker can handle a wide range of pallet sizes and styles.

For more information, call Cherry Industrial Equipment at (800) 350-0011 or visit the Web site at www.palletdispenser.com.

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