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New on the Market - June 2003
Dixie Precision increases production and G-Tek forms to serve pallet and sawmill industries.

By PE Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2003

Dixie Precision Increases Bi-Metal Blade Production

Dixie Precision, a manufacturer of band saw blades for pallet recyclers, has invested in new technology that will enable it to increase production of its M-42 bi-metal blades by 50%.

The company invested in two new Fahringer CNC fully automated fusion weld centers, replacing three manual butt-flash welders. Cycle time was increased from one blade in three minutes to less than one minute.

Dixie Precision is devoting one of the new machines to production of its X-Band™ line of blades and the other for its Nail Chopper™ blade line.

In addition to improving production, the new equipment improves quality control; consistent quality of the weld is computer controlled by the machine and does not depend on human skill.

"It was a tough decision to invest big bucks in uncertain times, but Dixie’s growth in its X-Band M-42 bi-metal blade business has helped carry the company in a static market," said Dixie Precision president Lee Gnader. The new equipment will eliminate a bottleneck in the final welding and annealing process, he said.

For all of your bandsaw blade requirements, please contact Dixie Precision at (800) 256-5730 or e-mail dixieprecision@attbi.com.


G-Tek to Supply High Quality, Low Cost Machinery

G-Tek Industries was recently formed to supply equipment and services to the pallet and sawmill industries. The company was formed by three men with considerable experience in the role of suppliers to the pallet and sawmill industries.

G-Tek Industries will strive to be a low-cost manufacturer of high quality pallet and sawmill equipment.

Based in Greenville, Kentucky, the company is located strategically beside a steel service center and has immediate access to a large inventory of structural steel. The G-Tek Industries plant has more than 18,000 square feet of manufacturing space and is fully equipped with metal cutting and fabrication machinery.

G-Tek Industries will manufacture and supply gang saws, band saws, notchers, chamfers, cut-off saws, multiple trim saws, grade systems, complete board lines, conveyor systems, unscramblers, infeed decks and other custom built equipment.

The company’s services will include a large inventory of on-demand spare parts for a variety of different manufacturers’ equipment, CAD-operated plant layout designs, refurbishing of used equipment, and on-site service and repair work by expert technicians.

The staff of G-Tek Industries has more than 60 years of experience serving the pallet and sawmill industries.

G-Tek Industries was formed by Brad Ginsburg, David Greenwood and Darren Grogan. David and Brad will be responsible for sales and marketing, and Darren will oversee the design and engineering of the equipment. Brad’s wife, Nicole, will be the company’s office manager.

For more information, visit the Web site at www.gtekindustries.com or contact G-Tek Industries at (800) 643-GTEK (4835).

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