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Go into any good reference library and you will soon conclude that somebody has written a book on just about every topic known to man. However, if you look for a book on pallets or the pallet industry, you probably won't find one.

Until now, the one and only book ever published about pallets was written in the mid-70's by John Eichler. While it was a noble effort at the time, the need for up-to-date, modern material has grown more acute each year. Therefore it is with great pleasure that IRI is offering a book written for the pallet community.

Pallet Head - A Manual for Pallet Recycling     

(Available by download or CD only.)

Clarence Leising is well known to many pallet recyclers. After a lifetime of managing pallet repair shops, and years of advising countless people in the recycling community, Clarence has put his experiences and knowledge in print to share with interested readers.

His first book is being published as a manual to make it affordable and convenient to take onto the plant floor and open for easy reference.

This book is written for those who practice pallet recycling by a man who knows pallet recycling. People often ask such questions as how many pallets can a one-man table repair in a typical shift? It is precisely these kinds of questions that Clarence addresses. He tells you what to do, how to do it, and what to expect from your efforts. Pallet Head covers the nuts and bolts operational issues that can make the difference between just surviving and being a profitable recycler. You can't afford not to read this book.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your pallet IQ. You may order online by completing an ORDER FORM, or call 800-805-0263 to place your order by phone.

Last Updated: 05/27/09