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The new digital editions are complete publications with the full look and feel of a print magazine. Produced using Flash technology, these editions should be easy to use and to download for readers with a high speed Internet connection (DSL, Cable, T-1). You will be impressed the ease of use and readability of this new edition.

Advantages to Readers

  • Readers will get the issue much faster than the traditional print publication. In some cases, up to three weeks faster.
  • The digital edition provides for a completely new experience that includes video, audio and animation possibilities.
  • Content becomes truly interactive where readers can go directly from the magazine to related content on the Web.
  • Readers can search the articles using the keyword feature.
  • Issues will be archived allowing readers to conveniently search multiple issues for information.
  • Ability to forward articles or entire issues to friends.

Advantages to Advertisers

  • Direct links from your ad in the digital edition to your Web site.
  • Link pictures of your equipment directly to videos or other information giving readers more information at the initial point of contact.
  • Allow reader to directly contact advertiser via e-mail link within the digital edition.
  • Ability to imbed audio or video files directly into your ad.
  • Detailed tracking information on the activity connected to your ad.
  • Connect your ad with your online promotion and market campaign. Drive traffic directly to your site without having to pay for referral clicks from search engines.
  • Faster delivery to the reader than traditional postal mail. Get your message out fast!
  • Wider global distribution than print publication since IRI is launching a free digital delivery offer to any qualified company around the globe.
  • Ability to develop special sections that target various audiences in the forest products industry.
  • Competitive pricing for print advertisers.

From page flipping to zoom in and out features, the interface is very user friendly. It uses Flash technology to deliver the product much quicker than other online delivery technologies. Readers will be e-mailed an issue notice each month. All they have to do to download the digital edition is click on the link in the e-mail. No additional plug-in software is needed since most computers today come equipped with Adobe Flash.

Flash technology allows audio and video as well as other interactive elements to be added to the digital edition. This enhances the print edition making it truly interactive. These features may not be active in the first issues as we introduce the product. However, you can expect to see more interactive elements added as the product evolves.