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Pallet User Education Series:
 Pallets & Packaging 101
Having the right answers can be the difference between getting the business and going out of business.

In the effort to help pallet companies better serve customers and understand their needs, the Pallet Enterprise staff has assembled one-page summaries on key pallet/packaging performance issues. From racks to pallet failure, these summaries boil down complex issues into the basics of what you and your customers need to know.

Although your customers demand competitive prices, they will also turn to you for advice. Informed pallet suppliers have a better chance of keeping customers happy and establishing solid business relationships. The Pallet Enterprise staff encourages you to print out these summaries and make them available to your customers. Also, you should read them to understand four important issues facing pallet users. Electronic copies of these summaries can be downloaded below.

Pallet Enterprise will make one-page summaries available from time to time on mission critical issues. These summaries are written from a scientific perspective to pallet/packaging users. John Clarke, the former director of the Virginia Tech Center for Unit Load Design, wrote these research summaries. The center performs scientific research, studies and packaging audits for major corporations including IBM and Coors Brewing Co. Call 540/231-5370 or visit www.unitload.vt.edu.

These articles are available only in PDF format. Click a link below to open the article.

  Cost, Performance Tradeoffs of Racks, Pallets
  Europallets: Good or Bad Business?  
  Unit Load Center Eliminates Product Damage
  Balance Your Pallet Design


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